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Health Care
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E-MDs Billing Solutions..

822 wedevy ct Ballwin Missouri 63011
E-MDs Billing Solutions..

Services we provide as follows:

Credentialing of Providers

Medicare, Medicaid, All Blue Plans and Commercial Health Insurances

Management of DMGs, scanned in Superbills from Providers Office

Entry & Electronically Billing of Charges

Coding of CPTs, ICD 9 and ICD 10 Codes

Posting of Electronic Remittance Advice

Posting of Explanation of Benefits

Follow up Account Receivable

Denials Management

Submission of Prior Authorization

Appeals for services to get paid

Patient Account Management

Schedule Appointments

Entry of DMGs & Health Insurance info

Eligibility Verification of Health Insurance for The DOS

E-Claims submission to Primary/secondary

Posting of Copays

Patient Statements (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Providers Account Activity Repot (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Billing Report (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

A/R Aging Reports (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Payment by procedure code. (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Superbills (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

EOBs/ERAs (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Provider Activity charges report by DOS/service location (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Aging Report (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

Awaiting Payments at Medicare (Weekl,Monthly,Annual Reports)

E-MDs Billing Solutions..

Contact Name: Shagufta Rehman

Ph: 636-675-8290


Address: 822 wendevy ct, Ball