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Los Angeles
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Newtech Display visual merchandising company

2600 So. Broadway Los Angeles CA. 90007 Los Angeles California 90007
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New Tech Display offers a large collection of displays for your store. we are providing accessories from basic racks to creative racks and unique custom displays and cases made from our on-site factory help you to create the very effective impact for your storefront.
we help deliver a excellent experiences for your customers
some products which we are selling are :
Mannequins for sale
Fashion Mannequins,
Custom Fixtures,
Display Racks,
Body Forms,
Custom Display,
Display Mannequins,
Female Mannequins,
Male Mannequins,
jewelry displays cases,
jewelry display stands,
Brazilian Mannequin,
Plastic Body Forms,
Plus Sized Body Forms,
Body Form Base,
Brazilian Body Forms,
Female Body Forms,
Brazilian Trendy Mannequins,
Headless Female Mannequins,
Female Fleshtone Mannequins,

for buying mannequins NewTech Display is the best place among all places in US, you can find high quality accessories here in a affordable rate.
for contact :

Tel : 213-747-6700
Fax : 213-742-1816
Email :
2600 So. Broadway Los Angeles CA. 90007
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