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South Carolina
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Hers To His Fashions

PO Bo 21916 Columbia South Carolina 29210
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Hers To His Fashions

Welcome to Hers to His Fashions. Where you can shop for Church, Special Occasion, Work, After 5, etc Suits, dresses, shoes, and accessories for Woman and Men. One of the most fashionable sites on the web for both genders. Have a special event? Shop with us! We are reasonably priced, high quality fabrics, varies of designer, and items are show stoppers.

We carry designers brands such as GMI, Channcelle Dresses, Giovanna Dresses, Mia Knits, Dresses by Nubiano, Dorinda Clark-Cole; DCC Rose Collection, Exclusive Knits by Kayla, Moshita Couture; Silk Suits Collection, Ella Belle by Giovanna, Ben Marc Designed Suits & Designer Knits, Devina Sport-Denim Collections, Champagne Italy Woman's Sunday's Church Suits,Christie Auggie Austine Ladies Church Suits, Tally Taylor Special Occasion, Fifth Avenue Sunday's Exclusive, Moshita Couture Exclusive Linens and Evening Wear, Mystique by Ben Marc, Lisa Rene, Todd & Olivia, Clarissa Suits, Jenny T Fashions, Franccesca, Bellini, Nina Massini Church Clothes, Lyndia of NYC Woman's Church Suits, Liorah Suits and Dresses, Nina Nischelle Evening dresses, Elite Champagne, Todd & Olivia, Devine Denim Church wear, Stacey Adams Dresses, Eastern Star Suits, Cogic White Suits, Night Studio Church Suits, Olivianne Ladies suits for church, Odelia Denim Suits, Tango Designer suits.

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