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Danny24hrroadside motorclub of america

315 state rd62 Brandon Florida 33834
Looking for UNLIMITED roadside assistance while being covered with $150,000 worth of health, travel, and legal benefit/discounts?

We provide 24/7 "Sign and Go" emergency roadside assistance in which we will tow your 4-wheeled vehicle, deliver fuel, unlock your car door, change your tire(s) , and/or provide you with a battery boost in the case of an emergency. In addition, MCA will tow your vehicle up to 100 miles to the destination of your choice. RVs, motorcycles, boats, livestock trailers, dually pickups over 1 ton qualify for up to a $100 roadside assistance reimbursement. You are NOT limited to only a couple of service calls per year. With our service, you are allotted 365 service calls per year!

Along with UNLIMITED emergency roadside assistance, we provide $150,000 worth of the following benefits:
-Receive up to $500 in emergency cash paid to you directly for emergency costs
-Receive up to $150 per day paid directly to you for up to 365 consecutive days for hospital room and board
-$50,000 in accidental death and dismemberment benefits
-Up to 60% off prescription, vision care, and dental discounts
-Up to $1000 in credit card protection
-Up to $2000 in legal fees
-Trip planning and travel discounts
-Up to $500 in travel assistance reimbursement
-Travel assistance program
-$5000 stolen vehicle reward
-And much more!,visit website
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