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RMS TILE & STONE, LLC. Hungry for aloha

12-1004 Old Kalapana Rd Pahoa, HI Hilo Hawaii 96778
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ALOHA! We are a Florida based Tile company that is looking to grow our business here on the main land of Hawai'i! My name is Roman and I am of Hawaiian decent at 25 years of age I have been in the Flooring industry for 10 years starting as a helper and working my way to the top. Our motto is "customer satisfaction is not only for your satisfaction but for ours." NO JOB GOES UNFINISHED AND ISNT COMPLETE UNTILL YOU ARE SATISFIED. We specialize in showers and all flooring, meaning we are able to remove old showers/baths starting from the tile and/or shower/bath s to the studs. Installing shower pan liners, Reinstalling cement board, taping and waterproofing seems and screw holes. Rebuilding shower pans, building shower curbs and floating shower pans at FL standards for water drainage (NO PUDDLES). FINALLY GIVING YOU THE BEST TILE INSTALLATION THAT IS BUILT TO LAST FOR A LIFE TIME. We can remove old tile/wood/carpet, and replace with tile, laminate, or glue down wood flooring. We specialize in floating floors for flatness when flooring, or pre-pitching balconies, we work in condos, houses, apartments, hotels, basically can work anywhere. We strive for perfection and we serve to please our customers. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE or any questions! BEING A NEWLY OPERATING BUSINESS HERE ON THE ISLAND WE ARE GIVING THE BEST DEALS FOR QUALITY WORK TO GET OUR NAME OUT!