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Your Trade Solution

Port Clinton, Ohio Sandusky Ohio 43452
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Do you own a business? Want to start a business? Need help with day to day operation? or Need help getting set up or started? Then let me help you, consulting is always free. My hours of operation are as follows 830am to 830pm Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment. We have a wide variety of business skills that can help. We have been running, managing, and helping others set up businesses for over 6 years now. We are also BBB accredited. You can contact us by phone or via email


You can also come check us out at

Our skills are as follows but, not limited to this list....

Filing professional paper work (LLC, LLP, Sole proprietorship , Corp, S Corp, EIN, Amendments, etc.)
Account set with the State (Ohio Business Gateway, Ohio Business Central, etc.)
How to make your business more functional and profitable
Financial management
Sales Tax Reports (monthly, Quarterly etc.)
Programming, updating, and wiring computers
I'm also skilled in... Microsoft Office, Excel, Quick books, etc.
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