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Sdotosaints LLC We are Contracting Made SImple

505 Broad St Elyria Ohio 44035
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Our contracting company is all about being your go-to name for all your yard and household needs. We pride ourselves with keeping close relationships with our customers, making sure the customers needs are met and providing a satisfying experience to encourage repeat business and recommendations to others. Sdotosaints provides free estimates by a professional for all of our services from Tree Removals, Trimming, Junk Removals, Spring/Fall Clean Ups and More. Our most requested service for the warmer months is Tree Removals and Trims, in the Fall we provide many Yard Clean Ups, and In the Winter, Interior Painting and our Snow Removal Program, Shovel For The Saints where our crew hand shovels your driveway and we donate 20% of those proceeds to St. Jude's Children Hospital. Our crews work incredibly hard, are trained and enjoy what they do. We also enjoy finding ways to reach out to local small business' to boost the community in our service areas. Allow us to help you, give us a call!
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