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Gabina Learning Center

15705 Hall Rd Bowie, MD 20716 Bowie Maryland 20716
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From the business


We believe in first-class early childhood education. Our goal is to encourage creativity and independence in young children in a relaxed, home-like setting.
At Gabina Learning Center, your child's day will be filled with activities that encourage them to blossom. Through age and developmentally appropriate activities, your child's love of learning will be encouraged and their independence and self-esteem will grow. They will also learn to interact with others with the same respect and courtesy that is shown to them. In an environment filled with love, patience, and kindness they will become their best selves.


Established in 2007.
Gabina, my daughter's name, means honey. She's the bright and busy bee that has inspired this endeavor. After caring for and educating children along side my daughter and son in my own home (Large Family Center- Gabina Child Daycare)for over 9 years, we've expanded to a full learning center- Gabina Learning Center
Gabina Learning Center, opened in June 2017, has grown out of a love for my children and the joy of watching them grow and develop into curious children. Early childhood development is my greatest interest and I love watching and guiding the development of all children.

Basria Dur (Operator)

Gabina Learning Center
15705 Hall Rd
Bowie, MD 20716

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