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North Las Vegas
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Sherry's World Of Baskets And Books Temporary Positions Available

P.O. Box 364241 North Las Vegas Nevada 89036
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We offer a fun and exciting environment with a variety of positions to choose from.

We are growing companies based in Las Vegas that offer temporary associates a chance to shine while performing the tasks they enjoy.

The Companies: Sherrys World of Baskets and Books & High Hill Productions are dedicated to the training, motivating, and creating enthusiasm for its associates. We are known for the great care we take with our clients and our temporary staff as well.

We believe in professionalism with fun and excitement in the workplace.
We believe in providing services that give life and celebrate happiness.

The Position: We are looking for a host of temporary positions to be filled.


You must be LEGALLY AUTHORIZED AND DOCUMENTED to work in The United States!

Please complete our job application. You may click on the link provided below or cut and paste the link into your web browser:


Please be prompt, professional, and ready to have fun while you work!

The Location: To Be Announced.

Sherrys World of Baskets and Books & High Hill Productions are looking forward to working with you.

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