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Franks Alleviation Inc

3501 Crosspointe Dr Naples Florida 34110
This is a survey job, that requires you to evaluate and gives you the opportunity to go to places and just give reports about the customer services of different stores evaluate them and rate their services, it only requires probably two hours of your time daily as you are atleast to give two reports daily about different stores all you have to do is give report about how the enviroment is, the cleanliness, and the customer service satisfaction 5 days a week, and this attracts a weekly pay of 350$, and we also help you consolidate you debts as well and help build your credit, this is a golden opportunity to help get back on your feet and puts you on the edge of been a home owner in 6-9 months, it does not require any education or skills to apply you are most welcome to contact if interested in the programme, this programme is Temporarily for people around the following places in florida,Tampa,Naples,Lehigh Acres,Fort Myers,St Petersburg,Brandon,Bonita Springs,Cape Coral,North Forth Myers,Brandenton,Odessa,Clearwater,Lutz,Valrico,