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District Of Columbia
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Congressional Chorus

733 8th Street, NW Washington District Of Columbia 20001
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Experience an evening of powerful and ground-breaking musical works, including William Grant Still's rarely performed 1940 choral ballad AND THEY LYNCHED HIM ON A TREE, that shed light on the long and painful history of racial inequality in the United States and celebrate the people who have worked to bring justice, freedom and hope to all those who call this nation home.

Congressional Chorus' season finale concert in Washington, DC opens our Civil Rights Concert Tour, July 3-7, in Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham. Marking the centennial of the Red Summer of 1919, the chorus will perform at significant civil rights sites, including the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which honors over 4,000 African-Americans who were lynched in the United States. Come join us on June 1st in Washington, DC to hear a preview of some of works that will be performed on this historic tour later this summer.