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Go Velocity SPECIALIZE High Risk Business

2345 Towne Square, Ste 235 Plano Texas 75024
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We specialize in CBD stores and online accounts for CBD business! We at Velocity are an ISO of multiple different back end providers that help ensure that CBD Corporations are set up properly for their merchant service needs. We do this through a funnel process dependent on how your company is organized with Federal and State governments.

1. Low Risk Processing----For businesses labeled as "Health and Wellness" or "Supplements" we are able to provide low risk processing with average processing rates.

2. Payfac Processing----For businesses that are labeled as CBD, we have the ability to create a sub-merchant account that allows these businesses to process transactions at a fair rate without the concerns of being shutdown.

3. High Risk Processing---For businesses that generally see over 8% in chargebacks monthly or more, we are able to approve them processing through our High Risk vendors. This processing does come in at a higher rate due to the risk associated with processing the account.

In the event that low risk options do not work out for our clients, we are more than willing to find a different solution equipment wise that will work with our other options we have available without incurring additional cost for equipment.

Please contact me for more information, thank you and have a great day!
Erin Aaberg
Credit Card Services
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