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ATX Tax Software Hosting Solution (Free)

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Along the Tax season, CPAs are quite busy with the work in hand.ATX tax software can serve most bookkeeping needs to be fulfilled easily and adequately. To be on the top point
of accounting work even in the busiest tax season,you require remarkably more than that. Along these lines, come ATX tax software, that easily manages the tax calculation work efficiently.Hitech Cloud Hosting Solution is one the ATX tax software hosting service provider that provides all the correct components that will take your tax preparing operations to a new level.

Hosting ATX tax software on Hitech cloud permits you with better alternatives to screen and control the client access to the applications.

Some benefits are:

Tax and Accounting Data Security and Back-up.

Cloud Based Access from anytime and anyplace.

Technical support provided round the clock.

Low Hosting monthly price: ie $30/user/month.

Pay as you go setup.

Easy file sharing and run multiple tax filing and processing at the same time.

Date can be accessed from all types of devices like SmartPhone, tablet, desktop, laptop etc.


Toll Free Number: 1-866-842-8245