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Professional Services
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Garden City
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ProSeries Tax Software Hosting . (For Sale)

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Tax return Process is Faster:ProSeries Tax Software hosting makes the process of tax returns preparation much faster.

Tax Preparation can be done Error Free with hosting it on the cloud: ProSeries Tax Software hosting permits the tax preparer and their customers to remotely team up together from anyplace and use any device to do so.

Multiple users can access the same file simultaneously from any location: ProSeries hosting on terminal servers enables numerous clients to team up at the same time amid the tax assessment planning process.

ProSeries Add-ons easily integrates with the hosting service and with the Accounting software like QuickBooks: Hosting ProSeries on the cloud can enable easy integration of ProSeries Tax software with a number of ProSeries Add-ons.

Data is always secure on the cloud: ProSeries Tax software Hosting service comes with remote backup of data in multiple locations, which is more secure than storing data on your local device.