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Computer Hardware
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Liztek USB To VGA/DVI/HDMI Video Adapter (For Sale)

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The adapters set up easily on two different computers - a desktop with Windows XP and a Laptop with Windows 7. There is a driver disk included, but I did not need to use it as both computers auto installed the driver. The unit works well in duplicate or extended mode. There is a small icon in the bottom right hand corner of the task bar and you can right click on this icon to choose your settings. The only complaint, if there one, is that every time the computer restarts then I have to right click on that icon and extend my monitors again. It is like a laptop being restarted and you having to tell it to duplicate or extend again which is normal. It would be nice if this USB video device driver could remind windows that I had two screens when the computer was restarted.The video output quality is really good and I am pleased with the results.