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Cute And Affectionate Siberian Husky Pup (For Sale)

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My beautiful male and female huskies are in desperate need of a loving home, they have not had the best start in life and they have had enough of being messed around but are full of character and lovely family dogs, I will be very sad to see them go but unfortunately due to problems out of my control and no fault of Oscars I can no longer have them.
Will be best suited in a home with another god and loves children (best friends with my 2 year old)
They are very loving, loves to cuddle up close, loves long walks and needs lots of attention. They are also very strong on the lead but does listen fairly well.
They do not like to be left alone for a long period of time, so he needs to be with someone who can give them alot of time, attention and a forever loving home.
Our puppies will all go to their new homes vaccinated and micro chipped and with extensive puppy pack worth over ?200 with everything to get you and puppy settled in their new homes.