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Health And Wealth - Combined (Wanted)

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PROFESSIONAL SALES PEOPLE AND MANGERS: We are looking for leaders. Represent the number 1 fastest growing weight loss and health program in the United States. We have the exclusive marketing program for the United States and Canada. Virtually everyone is your customer with just a simple question. (90% closing ratio confirmed) $1,000 a week with steady growth is very realistic. Opportunity to grow into a management position within 1 week building to more than 50 sales reps earning you commission overrides.
This is not the normal type of weight loss and health program you normally see. You will be able to verify this with a phone call and a visit to our office on FM 1960 near I-45 and have no doubts this is for real.... You can start earning money within an hour of your visit. There is no long wait period for your money. Get paid within 2 to 5 days from the time of the sale. And virtually every day after the first week. A 6 figures income the 1st year is reachable for our management team. . We need ten immediately and just showing your ability to make 3 sales.... you can become one. You will enjoy a commission override on every sale in the United States as we grow.... You will be hiring associate sales directors and will travel at our expense.
Call 281-536-2759 Ask for the Director of sales.