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GE Electric Range - Kenmore Range Repair (For Sale)

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Gas Ranges are easy to operate and also easy to repair. This is because its parts can be easily dissembled. If the gas range stops working, maximum times the issue is with the supply or ignition. It is important to clean all its major components regularly so that you do not get a sudden big problem that would take up a lot of money. The most common problems that prevent the gas range from operating can be-

1. Clogged burners
2. No flame control
3. Timer needs to be replaced
4. Flames are too high and make a roaring noise
5. Electronic ignition or spark module only works on-and-off

Appliance Medic understands how difficult it becomes for homemakers when their gas range stops cooperating. We are here to solve all your gas range issues in the best and quickest way possible. Call us and trust us to get the best range repair service. We hire only trained servicemen who very well know what needs to be done. We can repair the gas ranges from all the leading brands and for all models. When you chose us as your local appliance repair provider, you get a 1-year warranty on all the service done along with any part that we repair. Hurry and contact us today!!