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New Jersey
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Washing Machine Repair Service In NJ (For Sale)

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If you are facing issues in your whirlpool washing machine, rely on the expert washing machine repair services by Appliance Medic. We have trained and professional servicemen that are fully equipped to handle any appliance issue efficiently. From issues with drain pumps to malfunctions with lid switches, our team has what it takes to repair your washing machine and get your laundry routine back on track.

We can repair any of the given issues-
1) Water Leaking
2) Not turning on
3) Not spinning
3) Not filling up
4) Not draining
5) Unusual noises​

We are experienced to handle the issues apart from the above mentioned as well. For a washing machine repair service with a 1-year service warranty, you have to contact us through our contact number, email address or schedule your service appointment on our website.