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Home » U.S. Classifieds » South Carolina » Rock Hill » 2017 Maschio Entry 150 Hay Baler

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South Carolina
Rock Hill
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2017 Maschio Entry 150 Hay Baler (For Sale)

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Online Auction for Commercial Surplus - Auction Ends 7/23/19 - To view auction details go to and "Search For" 12288-18. Click the QAL box and then hit search.
These auctions are open to the public and to registered bidders. Bidders are encouraged to inspect the property prior to placing a bid; inspections are by appointment only.
**PRICE REFLECTS CURRENT HIGH BID AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING THE ONGOING AUCTION.**, powered by GovDeals, is the online auction platform where you can bid on and buy commercial assets.

BRAND NEW - NEVER USED: Maschio Entry 150 Baler | 4' x 5' Bales | Twine/Net Binding | 150 cm pickup | 40-70 HP | 2200 lbs Weight | 540 PTO | Slip Clutch | For More Information, please contact us at 803 - 984 - 9113.